NATRUN 2018: Put on hold!

NATRUN 2018 which was planned for the weekend of 6 and 7 October 2018 has been put on hold to find a better tine and location. Meanwhile, the owner of NF Camp is organising a charity run for the general public in that weekend with start and finish at NF Camp.

Below you can read the initial announcement of the run as we have already announced it. As soon as the new time and location is known we will send out a newsletter.


The annual naturist running event  was at first called The Naked Jungle Run back in 2016, then in 2017 it was just the Jungle Run. If you are logged in, you can enjoy this report: Run, Forest. Run.

This year, we have decided to move the event (a bit) closer to Bangkok and let it take place on the beach and small roads around NF Camp on Puek Thian Beach. The event will also be upgraded to include more of the stuff that makes NATCON such a fun event.

The first members who book the NATRUN 2018 will be able to stay in one of the three bungalows of NF Camp itself. When NF Camp is full, we will fill up as many rooms as we can at the neighboring Red Z Resort. Disraporn Dao and Gregers met on Sat 2 June, 2018 with the owner and we are negotiating a deal. There is a green walking path of 20 meters between the two resorts, so main difference between NF Camp and Red Z accommodation will be the price and the luxury of the room. And the lack of nudity at Red Z - you must wear a sarong.

While we are working on the price for the NATRUN 2018 and the accommodation options, you can make an early bird reservation here for 800 THB (26 USD) which will count as a 1000 THB discount on the event once we know the price. If you are a couple, you can change the quantity to 2 early birds reservations.

The NATRUN 2018 will this year also serve as an introduction to the latest member of the naturist resorts in Thailand, NF Camp.

The test run by Disraporn 'Dao' and Gregers on Saturday 2 June started in the evening at 18.00. Actually, we plan to run it in the sunrise on Sunday October 21, but NF Camp was full and we also had to go back to take care of our guests at Barefeet Naturist Resort.

The first stretch went along the beach from NF Camp / Red Z south towards Cha-am. The beach is only 800 meters long and stops at a small, very charming touristic beach village called Had Puek Thian or Puek Thian Beach. There were small souvenir shops, several restaurants with international food and both bungalow and hotel style accommodation. Cha-am probably looked like that 20 years ago. We walked through this place as there was so many nice shops to look at.

Beyond this, the beach became deserted again until we reached Had Petch Resort a few hundred meter further south. If we had gone out to the main road and back to NF Camp on that, this loop would have made a perfect 5 km run.

We, however, were not yet tired, so we continued for on the deserted beach for 1 km before we reached the upscale and luxury resorts Hansar Casuarina and beyond that the Verano Beach Villa. From there, we left the beach and went out to the rural road 4028. The run on the road turned out to be bit longer than we had expected. Since the beach had been such an entertaining run we had not noticed the distance. But running on asphalt on the bicycle path was easier than running on the soft sand soon we were back at NF Camp, having done a total of 9 km.

At NF Camp, we joined the six guests staying there and enjoyed a dinner and a chat before heading back to Bangkok.

So where is it possible to run nude? Well, along the beach there are several long strethches of natural beach with no other people. To do a partial nude run here, we would need to wear a sarong, when running through the village and on the public road and then wrap it around your next when running on the beach.

Upgrading the event will make it a kind of "half year Natcon". We will have games, a party in the night and a few educational options like bird watching, mangrove planting, etc. We will also be able to go out at night on a fishing boat with the fishermen to try our hand on night fishing for squid and other fish.

Meanwhile, while we are working on the programme, enjoy a few more photos from the beach and from our dinner at NF Camp below.



  1. Harpreet

    We can name the event as Naturathon, which is a combination of Nature+Marathon. “Natur” is Danish for Nature and “Arathon” is the second half of Marathon, so it can be Naturathon.

  2. Raz

    So here is a few suggestions:
    1. NATRUN 2018 ( suggested by Barefeet also on theme with NATCON 2018).
    2. RUNFREE 2018
    3. RUNBARE 2018
    4. NAT5K 2018