INF struggling ro restructure

The first day of the INF Congress in Wellington  revealed an organisation struggling with coping with change. Never before have there been this amount of proposals for changes to bylaws presented for discussion and voting as well as proposals of a more general nature.

The first day passed or rejected five motions for changes of the statutes. And tomorrow. Friday. the stream continues.

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Wendy Lowe held a great welcome speech in the nude. But later even she had to give up and dress up.

20161117_132919 The Mayor of Wellington welcomed us and invited us to explore and enjoy the unique nature around the capital.20161117_125352

All delegates found a brochure from NAT on their table along with branding items distributed by the Australian federation.

Several participants had clearly decided that they wanted to go nude through the Congress.  None of the Executive Committee members were among them. It must be said to their excuse that it was cold and during the afternoon even the Braves . .. like yours truly ... put on all the clothes I had brought with me. And still froze.

One of the proposals was on the surface a proposal to let the full Central Committee approve new members and not only the EC. But that would mean waiting for two years to be approved if a new federation would apply to join tomorrow. However, it was just as much a motion to restrict the powers of the EC.

Another proposal also touched on the composition of the EC - the small group of people making all decisions these days - to add another two members elected by the Congress to it. An expansion from three to five persons. That decission could not be concluded today but will contine tomorrow.

A decision of significance that passed with full majority support was about allowing US States associations to join independently the INF instead of being subject to the decision of the American Association for Naturist Relaxation in 2010 of leaving the INF. So now individual US states can bypass AANR and become member federations in their own right.

Welcome US of America!

A rather disturbing decision was made by the legal council of the INF who ruled that any proposal would have to be adopted exactly as it was written or rejected. There would be no room for discussing and amending the proposal and then vote on the amended version. His ruling was opposed by most berserk,  but among the many motions there was none submitted that would clarify that we were there to discuss and compromise and then decide - so it will be another two years before this rule will be brought into the real world.



  1. Gregers Moller Post author

    Hi Glenn, so many people around here know you. It is a very warm community. As for the Congress, today is the busiest day. Let’s see how the election of new President goes.

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