BR Resort shelved as naturist resort

BR Resort, which has already been going through some fundamental improvements, will not open as a naturist resort as planned, according to the manager in charge of the project.

The land title documents for the area does not permit for operating a resort and the owners therefore plan to make only private use of the land and the buildings constructed so far.

The interest shown in the project has, however, been substantial. Therefore, the facebook page which was opened to promote the BR resort will continue as an active forum for suggesting and discussing other possible locations of a naturist campground within a reasonable distance from of Bangkok. Suggestions are welcome if you know of someone with from 1 to 4 rai of land.


  1. Johan & Pink

    My guess is that the land in solely for home usage.
    Not for commercial use. Therefore any business activity is forbidden.
    Not sure about ” homestay ” regulation in Thailand.

  2. Ron

    What’s the facebook page? I’m very interested in retirement in Thailand – in about 10 years for me. Bangkok or Chiang Mai area. I want a home where I can enjoy being a naturist and do outdoor activities like swimming and gardening and raise chickens – healthy, active and nude living. Any advice?

    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Hi Ron,
      The resorts might open somewhere else. But In your case, I would consider buying a resort myself or a homestay where you have not borrowed money to open – so you will be happy when you have guests and be happy when you can raise your chicken. We at Naturist Association Thailand can help you find such a place.

      The facebook page is

    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Hi girlfrindly and others.
      We ARE trying! We are soon ready with a good bunch of investors on a new (and frankly better) piece of land. If you want to know more, please PM me.

    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Hi Harald,

      There is hope for you!
      Mr. Non Kumpangseat is now working on preparing a site smack on the coast north of Cha-Am.
      Less than one hours drive from Hua Hin!

      1. Harald Arne Aasland

        Hei Gregers. Takk for det. jeg hadde misforstått. jeg trodde dette nye prosjektet var det som tidligere ble annonsert som en kommende prosjekt men ble skrinlagt på grunn av bindinger i bruksbetingelsene. Vi kommer til Hua Hin den 27.april