New online tool for the naturist traveller

A new tools for naturist traveling is born!

Nick and Lins - the Naked Wanderers from has launched a cool new website called Nude, where you can find information about the best places on the planet earth to be naked.

On the front page of NUDE you are two questions away from finding the destination of your next nakation: What? and Where?

What: Here you pick the type of accommodation or you can leave the field blank if you want to search for everything (this is often the best choice for places with a limited amount of naturist accommodation).

Where: The place you want to go to. It’s always better to take a broad selection for more options. You can always narrow your selection down. E.g. better search for “California” than for “San Francisco” in order to get the best results.

On the next page you’ll see the results of your search:

You can either scroll through the list of properties or use the map to narrow down your selection and pick a property from there.

Once you’ve found the place you’re looking for, you can go to the details page. If the owners did their job well, you’ll get an extensive description of the place, contact details, a map, an overview of the facilities and a number of pictures.

Here you can also read the experiences of the previous visitors, if there are any.

The purpose of NUDE is to help you find the perfect destination for your next nakation. On one hand we do this by giving you a complete overview of the possibilities and the details of their facilities. On the other hand there’s an even more important part: the opinions of other visitors.

In order to help others get an idea about what they should expect from a place and to help business owners to determine their weaknesses and their strengths, it’s highly appreciated if you share your experiences via the Review part of the business page.

Nick and Lins give you some hint on writing useful reviews:

  • Try to be complete, tell the others what you liked the most and what you think could be better.
  • Give tips about the perfect time to go, which are the best rooms or the most delicious breakfast option.

You don’t need a NUDE account to search for holiday destinations. You don’t even need an account to write a review. Upon your first review, an account will automatically be created for you and the login details will be sent to your e-mail address. Next time you can use those to log in and write more reviews. But be aware, that in this case, a user name will automatically be generated. If you prefer to choose your own user name (and who doesn't?), register first via the “Join/Login” link in the menu.