Naturist Family Camp in Petchaburi

NF Camp - the affectionate name for Naturist Family Camp - is now ready for visitors, who enjoy a truly rustic experience. If you are the complaining type, you should rather wait a year or two before visiting this developing site.

NF Camp is a camping site with primitive huts located in the shore North of Cha-am. There is a shallow beach when the tide is low, but at high tide you cannot go swimming there. However, unrelated to the tide, this location has a wonderful breeze coming in from the sea and sweeping the camping site. You can put up your tent under the tall pine trees that provide a pleasant shade and you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves of the sea. At night, you can follow the light of the boat fishing squid off the shore as there boats are bobbing up and down.

NF Camp is not in any way a luxury place where you can expect any kind of service. Best stay is guaranteed if you bring your own tent and cooking camping stuff as if you were going into the jungle. But food can be ordered from outside - the nearest restaurant is only 2 km walk away. You do have running water for your shower and for the toilet. But to plug in your mobile for charging, you need to use the plug for the huts. The owner is friendly, so just ask and he will help you!

Regarding nudity, you need to be comfortable with being seen naked, since fishermen going in and out the harbor may see you naked. The fence behind the huts hide you from their view when they are anchored up at the wharf but not when they come and go. They won't have a problem with you being naked, but you may feel awkward. If that is the case, simply have a sarong handy hanging on your shoulder at all times and you will have no problems. You should also prepare to wear some form of sandals since most of the ground is covered by rocks and where here is grass, you will also find some weeds with stubborn thorns.

If you decide to stay in one of the huts that has been built on the area, imagine an empty room. You will need a mattress on the floor. And you will still need to be able to cook some food or boil water for coffee.  But the huts do have electric power and WiFi. The largest one has windows and with the cool breeze coming in from the sea, you do not really need airconditioning.

Camping prices
Bring your own tent, camping utensils, use the fresh water and primitive toilet, shower:
500 baht per night

Huts prices
Huts have a big door out to the main camping area and a toilet and shower behind the house.
Big hut (6 m x 3 m) = 1200 baht
Small hut (3 m x 2.5 m) = 900 baht

How to make a reservation


Naturist Family Camp in Petchaburi

Below is a previous description of the NF Camp. Some members have suggested it gives an impression of more facilities than what is available. Read it in combination with the above. 

Naturist Family Camp - or NF Camp - in Petchaburi province is Thailand's only naturist camp with a long, beautiful beach for naturists to enjoy. Well, actually it is the only naturist camp site in Asia directly on the sea shore!

The camp covers 3200 sq.m. on an elevated area of the shore. Tall, old pine trees give a cool shade over the four bungalows and the beach kitchen. The view is far into the horizon over Gulf of Siam and in the evenings you can see the lights from the fishing boats blinking far away in the dark tropical night.

From the camp, visitors have direct access beyond a shallow stream to a wide, flat sandy beach. Naturists will mostly find themselves the only guests on the beach and can enjoy a nap in the sun, a brisk walk along the beach, a swim in the shallow waves or play any beach sports they like.

To get to NF Camp, you only have to drive two and a half hour by car from Bangkok in the direction towards Cha-Am and Hua Hin. When you have passed Petchaburi, you will reach the nearest small town called Tha Yang - that is where you turn off and drive east out to the beach.

Follow this link:

On the map, you may see a resort called Red Z. The NF Camp is just north of this, sharing the same little access bridge.

NF Camp has four bungalows. All bungalows are very basic but offers a more convenient over night stay than bringing your own tent. The standard house area is 60 sg.m. inside with an outdoor bathroom. One of the houses is a VIP house of 76 sq.m. with a larger outdoor bath room and other luxury facilities like air conditioning and cable TV.

The owner and daily manager Non Kumpangseat will advise you on physical activities. He can even instruct in Thai boxing himself. Otherwise the camp area and beach is ideal for sunbath, beach volleyball, football, petanque and similar games. He can also assist with renting one of the nearby fishing boats to take you out for a fishing trip or just a day on the ocean.

To make reservation, simply contact Mr. Non Kumpangseat by email to or message him via his page on Facebook - search for Non Kumpangseat.

The images below gives an impression of the site even most are taken at the start of the project. As a soft opening and merit making is planned for 9 September 2017, new photos will soon be added to this album.




  1. Aven

    Great to know a new Naturist resort which has direct access to d beach. hope u can arrange a 2nite outing tour/stay there when it is officially opened. Looking forward to it, thanks

  2. Anthony DiSabatino Jr

    Great! I have been wondering about the status of this project and am very happy to see that it is opening.
    I will support this naturist camp by visiting when in Thailand this coming winter– January or February.
    Good luck!

  3. Patrick MEDEZ

    Congratulations Non ! Yvonne and me will visit your camp at the end of next March during our stay in Thailand.
    Have a good opening the 2017/09/09
    Yvonne and Patrick

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