Naturist meeting in Goa, India

A group of Indian naturists held their first meeting in India in the weekend of 13-15 September 2019 in Goa in the South of India. There were 16 participants in the meeting, which took place in a rented villa and a beach hut over the three days.

The organizer was Muthu, who was happy with the outome:

"I personally got into organising this event single handedly right from hunting the best place to best food and everything. The feedback was been very positive from all of them," Muthu adds.

The meeting was the first in India after the AsiaNAT initiative to support growth in countries around Thailand was adopted at NATCON 2019. Meanwhile, news has emerged of a similar meeting that took place among naturists in Taiwan also in September. Both events are encouraging news for the growth of naturism in Asia.


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  1. It was a good meeting . We had a great place , private indoor pools in every villa though we all met at one villa and one pool , some geat food and great conversation. For most of us , it was meeting each other for the first time and glad to say that there was mutual connect . Looking forward to many more such meets and adding new people.

    Thanks Muthu for all the great work in organising and bringing all of us together !!

  2. Umm it wasnt the first meet though, there were smaller meets that I organized and attended in Pune and Goa in August. There was also an outdoor meet in Bengal in July attended by about 10 guys. . But this was a much bigger meet and kudos to Muthu for organizing it so succesfully.

    1. Sorry Bishwak, I have little knowledge of the past naturist activities in India. I know it was the first after the AsiaNAT declaration kicked new energy into national naturist activities around Asia. Please go to the “My Naturist Story” and write us your story about the previous meetings. That will be great to read and then it will be on the record for naturism history in India!

  3. Greetings all,.
    Great to hear more get together’s are being organized, and more are being logged . Which is an amazing fact . Considering India’s public nudity laws.

    Congratulations one and all.

    To many more meets and organised events in the future.

  4. Hi Muthu, Im from Madurai. Been a regular to Chan resort and many other naturist venues across the world. Very eager to join you guys in India itself. Please add me to your group.. It is a great initiative by you..

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