Naked Wonder: Why should you be a nude life model?

You’ll be a part of the creative impulse, bringing beauty into the world. Figure drawing is the core activity of the artist, a celebration of the body. Collectively, those who support artists by posing are contributing to the love that art brings into existence. In our world, we need more of it than ever.

The first thing artists learn is to see past socially-constructed standards, seeing things that are truly lovely, including you. Models might not have always conformed to their time’s traditional ideas of “pretty”, but now they’re the subjects of some of the most beautiful things we’ll ever see. By posing, you’ll be a part of art’s longest tradition, and giving artists the material they need to show us the beauty that is uniquely yours.

As naturaists, we’re free of the repression that affect most. What others may see as imperfections, we know to be beautiful, because these "imperfections" are part of us. Celebrate them and give these parts of you their full expression in art.

Let others conceal; we reveal. Artists aim to draw the light radiating from everyone; yet we’re the only ones who let it shine. Our confidence is what the artist needs of her subject. We allow ourselves to be the most like ourselves we can ever be, in our natural state. Let the artist render you in that light, possessing beauty that is only yours, and no one else’s.


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