My First Naturist Vacation with My Wife

After living a nudist's life from 2005, finally I was able to tell my nudist's story to my wife in 2015, and she accepted it.

And in 2019, exactly April 12, 2019, we both decided to honeymoon to a remote beach in Bali. There I invited my wife to enjoy nature freely. At first she was a little embarrassed, but when the sun began to set, she finally began to dare to take off her bikini, and we both enjoyed the night like Adam and Eve.


  1. alex

    congrats for being a nudist couple. nothing match the joy of enjoying naturism/nudism with out other half.
    seems like you guys stay in Bukit Uluwatu area, no ?

  2. Pal

    So happy for you that your wife now share your passion for naturism. I think many women who have never visited a naturist beach believe it is a beauty contest, and only photo models are undressed there. Once they go they will realize it is not. We are just ordinary people who don’t see any benefits of wearing trousers in the heating sun.

    Tried to suggest the same to my wife, but she got angry and said that naturists are “sick animals”. So I travel to the beaches alone unfortunately. Thumbs up for your wife! To both of you actually 🙂

      1. Pal

        Thanks Gregers. Nah, she is for sure not able to have a different opinion on that, believe me!! Anyways, I am used to travel alone through my work, and by joining a society of equals, such as this, I am sure I will have new friends who share the same normal view of nudity 🙂