Job opportunity at Thai naturist resorrt

Job opportunity at Thai naturist resorrt

The Oriental Village in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a member of Thailand Naturist Association, has an opening for a Thai national Assistant Manager.

The right person must - apart from being a Thai citizen - speak and write English and must enjoy working in a quiet place surrounded by nature. Being a naturist herself or himself is, however, not a must, says Paulo Richel, the owner of The Oriental Village.

"The person must be open minded and if a naturist it would be a plus, but being professional and having a strong desire to be part of the team is equally important," Paulo Richel says.

The opening is an example of how the emerging naturist market in Thailand is creating new local tourism job opportunities. Barefeet Naturist Resort, a recently opened naturist resort in Bangkok, recently hired a daytime manager to assist the resident owner and a janitor.

As naturism expands in Thailand, a key task for Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd. is to engage more resorts interested in exploring the opportunities in catering to naturists. Resorts located in isolated areas, away from the main tourist spots, are traditionally regarded as "locations not good for tourism business". But they are often ideal for the naturist / nudist tourist market.

"Naturists or nudists know very well that there are people - both local Thai people and even other foreign tourists - who are not comfortable with seeing other people without their clothes on," says Disraporn Yatprom, Naturist Association Thailand.

"Resorts, that we work with, must ensure that nobody around the resort feel offended and at the same time provide the naturist tourists with the as much space and privacy, that they can."

With member resorts in Pattaya, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, obvious locations we are looking for are Phuket, Surat Thani, Prachuab Khirikan. Thailand is ideal for naturist tourists from Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa where the warm season is short. In Thailand, naturism can be practiced all year round. It is a market with no low season, because when it is winter in Australia it is summer here and when it is winter in Europe it is warm and sunny here.

Naturist Association of Thailand recommends and directs local and incoming naturist tourists to associated resorts and builds the naturist market in Thailand. Some of the benfits are:

  • Naturists have a very high repeat level as customers to resorts because they like their naturist life.
  • Naturists would much rather stay at a naturist resort than stay anywhere else - regardless of the rates of the resort.
  • Naturists prefer to stay and use other in-house services than getting dressed and leave the resort - leading to higher earnings on food and beverages and other services.

Resorts and hotels that become Member Resorts of Naturist Association of Thailand proudly display the "Naturist Friendly" logo on their web site and property.

Contact us today and find out how your resort can join this growing market.

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Developing locations and opportunities for our members to enjoy their naturist lifestyle in Thailand is one of the key services that we offer our members. Contact us today and find out if your business could be recommended.

​Looking for more naturist friendly spas and resorts

Naturist Association Thailand is currently seeking contact with owners of resorts and spas interested in entering the promising new naturist/nudist market within the Thai tourism industry.

“Helping owners of existing resorts and spas tap into the expanding naturist and nudist vacationing market is a service that we are pleased to offer,” says Disraporn Yatprom, Naturist Association of Thailand.

World’s first floating naturist conference

NATCON 2016 – the International Naturist Conference held every year in Thailand – will this year be the first international naturist conference world wide to take place on a string of house boats floating in the middle of a big tropical lake. This years’ conference is the 5th organized by Naturist Association Thailand. The event has drawn naturist to Thailand since 2010.


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