How I became a naturist

When I was 16 years old, I stayed at my uncle's place.  It's a small house with showering area outside of the house. Once I saw my uncle was having shower outdoor behind his house fully nude. It encouraged me to nudism and sometimes I also had a shower there fully nude without any fear.

Because of that family I first felt that nudism was very interesting. When I grew older, I wanted to be free without clothes. I realized that I really liked nudism. But in my country is very difficult to be nude outdoor in front of others. Nudism is illegal in my country. Nobody like nudity.

When I got a chance and nobody was at home, I invited some of my friends to come and be nude at my home and we had a great experience without sex.

Because of this experience, I wanted to build my own small hotel for nudists even nudity is not allowed in Srilanka. This hotel is ready now, so nudists who come to visit my country can now enjoy my country's golden sun shine. My small hotel is open for you.