Dragonfly soft opening

Dragongfly Naturist Village is from 1 April 2021 no longer a member resort of Naturist Association Thailand. The resort is, however, dedicated to being naturist friendly and Naturist Association Thailand appreciates the open mindedness of the resort towards the naturist community.

Dragonfly Naturist Village is ready to open the doors for the first guests who are eager to see, how far the construction of Thailand's latest resort has come. The soft opening has been scheduled for the weekend from Friday 12 February until Sunday 14 February 2021.

The weekend is auspicious, because it is both the Chinese New Year and the Valentine's Day weekend. And the weekend is private, because the construction workers only work on weekdays.

Dragonfly is very much a work in progress. But some rooms and the common facilities are all ready. Currently, 5 rooms are available of the 12 rooms that are under construction.

The five rooms that you can book for the soft opening are rooms 3,4,5,7, and 8 Three of the rooms have pool view - that is rooms 3, 4 and 5. The two other rooms, rooms 7 and 8 have forest view.

To book for the soft opening, you have to be very fast. The special room rate has been set at only 770 THB per night. If you miss it, you can be a day visitor. The special Day Visitors Fee is only 220 baht (0900-2100 hrs)

Food and drink will be available at the Cafe.

Reservations for Room or Day Visit
Contact Jai at either:
Phone: 095 890 4598
Email: DragonflyNaturistVillage@gmail.com

GPS location: 12.98074    100.97128

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/CCeKWbwnoFqj85Se6


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