Correct behavior – and unacceptable behavior

We follow this Code of Naturist Behavior:

The Naturist Association of Thailand (NAT) strongly supports the Laws of the Kingdom of Thailand in respect of public behavior and indecent exposure. Furthermore, NAT supports any ruling made by its member resorts regarding unacceptable behavior of individuals, couples or groups while at their facilities.
• The rights of every person (both female and male), and especially children, are paramount in a clothes free environment.
• Further to the comments above, the NAT does not seek to inhibit or prohibit mutually acceptable affectionate gestures within family units. Nor does it intend to intrude into relationships or the private acts of consenting adults.
• NAT will not condone sexual harassment or exhibition of sexual acts at the member resorts. These will have no place within the NAT organization or membership, and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behavior includes specifically but may not be limited to:
• Display of overt sexual acts or as well as displays of any aggressive acts or threatening body language.
• Inappropriate touching - defined as intimate touching of another persons' body or parts of your own body.
• Persistent staring, stalking or following, voyeuristic positioning or crowding of an individual’s personal space.
• Unwelcome communications - defined as any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, propositions, gestures, threats, messages, ridicule or jokes of a crude or sexual nature.
• Persistent attempts to engage another person in clearly undesired conversation.
• Unsolicited comments and/or gestures about a person’s body


• Unauthorized photography and/or videoing (including use of camera phones) of adults and minors will not be tolerated at NAT member clubs, resorts, social groups or recognized free beaches etc., unless permission is obtained in advance from the appropriate governing body.
• Prior written permission must be obtained from the adult who is to be photographed. In respect of children; prior parental written approval must be obtained from the parent and the parent must be present at all times. Permission must be gained from any person who would be likely to be in the field of view.
• It is incumbent on the photographer to be responsible in the choice of the photographic subject, angle, background etc. Anyone who is aware of a photographer taking less than acceptable photos is obliged to report that person to the appropriate authorities.

Unwelcome Communications

• Unwelcome communications is defined as any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, propositions, gestures, threats, messages, ridicule or jokes of a crude or sexual nature. Persistent attempts to engage another person in clearly undesired conversation must be reported to the appropriate authorities. Unsolicited comments and/or gestures about a person’s body are also considered unacceptable.
• This goes both for the resorts and the online communication among members of this website for Naturist Association Thailand.

Handling of complaints

• Naturist clubs, resorts or social groups and their members and guests are encouraged to maintain a relaxing family ambience by reporting, in a timely manner, either to the club, resort or social group authorities or statutory authorities any situation they feel is contrary to this code of behavior.
• Legitimate complaints referred to the NAT will be fully investigated. Any decision about a complaint reached by NAT will be absolute.
• If warranted, any behavior that does not adhere to this code of behavior will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Requests for confidentiality will be respected unless it is deemed necessary that the incident be referred to the appropriate authorities. Any acts that are contrary to this code of behavior as outlined above may result in that person’s permanent expulsion from the NAT and being recommended aspersona non grata* at member resorts.


กฎระเบียบสำหรับรีสอร์ทที่แสดงมีโลโก้ เนเชอริสท์ แอสโซซิเอชั่น ประเทศไทย

Guest Rules for Resorts that display the logo of Naturist Association Thailand


การเปลือยกาย - Nudity

การเปลือยกาย คือความรู้สึกสบายที่ไม่ได้สวมใส่เสื้อผ้า สำหรับท่านที่ยังไม่พร้อม เรามีเสื้อคลุมเก็บไว้ในแต่ละห้อง หรือท่านสามารถนุ่งผ้าเช็ดตัวได้

Naturists are comfortable not wearing any clothes but for guests who are not yet ready there is a house coat in each room or a towel that you can wear.


เพศ - Sex

เราไม่อนุญาตให้มีกิจกรรมทางเพศในสถานที่สาธารณะรอบๆ ยกเว้นในห้องนอนซึ่งเป็นพื้นที่ส่วนตัวของท่าน

No sexual activity is allowed anywhere except in your room. This includes intimate touching that you would not do in a public place outside the resort.


รูปภาพ - Photos

ไม่อนุญาตถ่ายรูป หรือถ่ายวีดีโอ ยกเว้นเจ้าหน้าที่ได้รับอนุญาตถ่ายเพื่อการประชาสัมพันธ์เท่านั้น หากท่านอยากถ่ายภาพตัวเองกรุณาขออนุญาตก่อน

Taking photos or making video recordings is not allowed without permission. Please ask each time that you want to take a selfie with your mobile phone.


การสูบ - Smoking

ไม่อนุญาตให้สูบบุหรี่ในห้องนอน แต่ท่านสามารถสูบที่ด้านนอกห้องใด้และที่ๆไม่รบกวนคนอื่น

Smoking is not allowed in your room but you may smoke outside your room and where it does not bother other guests.


เพื่อนของผู้เข้าชม - Visitors

ในขณะที่ท่านพักที่รีสอร์ท เพื่อนของท่านสามารถมาเยี่ยมใด้ แต่ต้องมั่นใจว่าก่อนมาถึง เพื่อนต้องยอมรับในแนวคิดของการเปลือยกายได้ และทางเราไม่อนุญาตให้นำพนักงานขายบริการเข้ามาพัก

Your friends are welcome to visit you while staying at the resort. Make sure they accept our naturist concept before they arrive. Short time sexworkers are not permitted.


แจ้งให้เราทราบ - Speak up

ทางเราต้องการให้แขกที่มาพักได้รับความสะดวกสบาย ในขณะที่พักที่นี่ ถ้าท่านเห็นว่าบางคน แสดงอาการไม่สุภาพต่อท่าน ถ่ายภาพท่าน หรือ ทำให้ท่านได้รับความอึดอัดใจ. กรุณาแจ้งเจ้าหน้าที่ของรีสอร์ท

We want all our guests to have a pleasant time while staying at our resort. If you feel someone is rude, staring at you, taking your picture or in any other way making you feel uncomfortable, please speak up and let our staff know.



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►Good manners when visiting naturist resorts

  • Please always carry a towel with you at all times and always use this to sit on.
  • Minimum check-in age: 18 years old.
  • Photography, video recording and web cam broadcasts are prohibited. This includes cell phones. Permission to carry a camera is only granted for authorized resort marketing purposes, and with signed, official legal documentation and model releases.
  • Please respect all guests. Gawking and staring at other guests is not acceptable. Resort management will immediately deal with complaints of gawking. Discretion is expected.
  • Intimate touching or explicit sexual behavior in public areas is not permitted. If anyone’s behavior offends you, please report it immediately to resort management.
  • Sexual advances towards others will not be tolerated; if anyone’s actions make you uncomfortable, please notify the resort management.
  • Please do not leave your personal belongings on unoccupied lounge chairs or "beach" beds in order to preserve or hold them for later. They are first come, first served.
  • Inappropriate behavior between guests and staff is not allowed.
  • No smoking in the rooms.
  • The use of weapons or illegal drugs of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Pets are not allowed on premises.
  • Management reserves the right to remove guests from the resort without refund for any violations of the above rules



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