NATCON 6 Registration

NATCON is the International Naturist Conference held every year in Thailand since 2010.

NATCON 6 will take place on a string of house boats floating in the middle of a big tropical lake in the weekend of Friday 9 June  - Sunday 11 June 2017.

Make your travel and/or air ticket reservations today, as these dates will not change.

When in Thailand, PayPal will show you their page in Thai language - very smart... except this also goes for the button where you can switch to English!

Your attendance fee below covers all three days and includes two nights accommodation on the raft in shared dormitory rooms. The fee also covers all food and refreshments during the event as well as personal insurance.

Participants must be ready to leave from Bangkok on Friday 9 June at 8.00.
If you plan to arrive by plane that morning, your plane must have a scheduled arrival no later than 6.00 o'clock. If you arrive later than that, you will miss the minivan transportation and will have to provide your own transportation.
Consider arriving in Bangkok the evening before and staying overnight.

The location is here Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi details will be given later.

The event ends on Sunday 11 June at 12.00.
From there it will take the minivans about 5 hours to reach Bangkok.
If you are flying out of Bangkok on Sunday, your earliest departure should be 19.00 from the airport.
If that is not possible, consider an early Monday morning flight.

Attendance for free members or new members:

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There are no refunds for cancellation 30 days before this event and none for missed transportation.

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